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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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timothy from England said:
rach,that was really gay.

nunya from England said:
I was just making fun of your gay ass way of saying it.

kat from England said:
havent been on here in ages. just read an old mesasge and have to say to charlotte dont apologize, you didn\'t offend me or my mate bigbird. you were perfectly intitled to moan when she called you a fool, you weren\'t to know that she\'s my mate. (oh and she only called you a fool coz shes a bit protective over me talking to people on internet sites, even if it is one as harmless as this, so when she saw that a lot of your messages contained my name, she worried a bit. oh well, thats mates for you.) anyway seeing as i havent been on in about 4 days, whats been going on?

666 from England said:
god im sorry for not spelling all my words right i dont really like typing anyway its quicker that way but if it makes a difference im sorry!

Rach from England said:
Legend* (sorry it\'s late and im not feeling good lol)

Rach from England said:
To Nunya: What the hell? Why are you calling me a gay ass mother fucker? For saying Kurt Cobain = Legened? You are seriuosly screwed if you can\'t handle me saying that and have to make a joke and mock it by saying something shameful and rude back.....cor, some people have no respect! I was only saying how i feel about Kurt and then i get some person try to out do me and make me seem the fool! If your going to be like that why bother coming on this site. Anyways, to Charlotte, Will, xlinds, lindey, christian and everyone else i may have forgotten hello :D

Demi from Canada said:

Lauren from USA said:
fuck you, you stupid dumbass people and kiss my ass i don\'t need to see shit about my love for kurt!

will from United States of America,FL said:
well i felt like answering because shes stupid.

nunya from England said:
hey she proved my point.

bnm from England said:
burntout.com=guestbook for dumbasses

will from England said:
666, how the fuck are you going to talk shit when you obviously haven\'t passed first grade yet.

nunya from England said:
Rach= gay ass mother fucker

will from England said:
that was to 666 who puts d instead of the and know has a k and a w.

Will from United States of America,FL said:
thank you for proving my point dumb whore.

marcel from Florida said:
good site

666 from England said:
ah hello so im dumb nd a whore? just 1 question how d fuck would ye no? ye no nothin about me!!

Rach from England said:
Kurt Cobain = legend xxx

tay from Brasil said:

shotgun from England said:
If he got murdered i think he would have killed himself either way, so dont be so pissed if u believe that someone did kill him cause i think it was just a big relief to him...

Rach from England said:
I agree with Charlotte and Christian, Laurens obsession is a little bit unhealthy! Maybe she should talk...... Anyway, i hope everybody is ok xxx

elise from norway said:
beautiful but scary...

elise from norway said:
hey, jhancarlo from mexico scares me!!! look at his message in the bottom of the page... h? did he kill himself or something?

elise from norway said:
hey chiristian! i read some articles about his death yesterday and okey there was some wierd stuff about his death... not so sure about that he killed himself anymore...

Charlotte from England said:
Heya people, Lauren, please ask your mum if you can go and speak to someone. They may lock you up for six months but at least you will get better!! Listen, Kurt\'s DEAD! Unfortuantely and all the other fans have got over it, why can\'t you? We\'re celebrating his life!! Also to Christian, you\'re right, Lauren is a complete psycho!! Speak Later! Charlottexxx

Will from United States of America,FL said:
Actually that would be zarios hoe.

nunya from England said:
Okay I think after reading all these that 666 is perhaps the dumbest person alive.

Lauren from USA said:
You all are just too shallow to understand my spiritual connection with Kurt.You\'re all just jealous of our special bond.Just because your closed minds can\'t grasp the thought of tatoos changing color does not mean it can\'t happen.Kurt speaks to me and I listen.

did from England said:
yo dawg i be thinkin dat ya shud suck dis dick.

you know who from a door away said:
Chris your gay!

Lindey from Canada said:
lol ok then ya im going to sleep too

Christian from USA,TN said:
I love you.

Christian from USA,TN said:
Hey,I\'m really sorry but I\'m about to pass out so I\'ll talk to you tomorrow so just ask for me then I\'ll be here seeya then bye.

Lindey from England said:
Yeah i agree Kurt was fragile and he just got mixed up with the wrong girl

Christian from USA,TN said:
well that is true but like I said she sucks.

Lindey from Canada said:
wasn\'t she in rehab or something when kurt died thoug?

Christian from USA,TN said:
Well it is possible that Courtney killed him I still don\'t want to give her that much credit,but the fact that she payed a guy to kill him I think is bullshit.

Lindey from Canda said:
sure i guess since theres not much to talk about yeah if all that stuff on the tom grant thing is true, i believe kurt was murdered what about u?

Christian from USA,TN said:
Nope don\'t like to celebrate his death.

Christian from USA,TN said:
Do you want to talk about Kurts death or how Courtney is a bitch?

Lindey from Canada said:
do you ever do anything like light a candle on kurts birthday or april 5?

Lindey from Canada said:
yeah me to although its not that late here

Christian from USA,TN said:
Yeah she is really gay what a stupid little bitch.

Christian from USA,TN said:
I apologize for my delayed posts I\'m really tired.

Lindey from Canada said:
No i don\'t hate you i don\'t really have a reason to. I dont acctually hate anyone here, except for certain people who think that tatoos can change couler

Christian from USA,TN said:
I don\'t really care she is just a little girl,are you one of those people that hate me or what?

Lindey from Canada said:
yes im still here i just said something lol

Christian from USA,TN said:
Are you still out there?

Lindey from Canada said:
yeah same here im also drawing a picture. so what do you think of laurens annoying obsesion with kurt? i think shes really self centered for thinking that shes kurts biggest fan or maybe shes just saying all this shit to annoy us

Christian from USA,TN said:
Sorry, I was busy,Not much just listening to music.

Lindey from Canada said:
Sure so whats goin on with u in america

Christian from USA,TN said:
Hey Lindey I\'m here want to talk?

Lindey from Canada said:
Is anyone there? its 10:22pm here. i am board

StAr FUCKYOU from United States of America / Florida said:
Fuck you all leave me alone then why don\'t you,GOD DAMN I\'m bored

Christian from USA ,TN said:
I\'ll be on for the next hour,so if anyone wants to talk I\'m here.

Lindey from Canada said:
Yeah me too.

Lindey from Canada said:
Yeah me too.

Will from USA said:
I think you should get a life Lauren.

Lauren from USA said:
If being a Nirvana fan,and thinking that kurt is the best person in the world and wanting other people to know is psycho than whatever.

Christian from USA said:
Why do you act like a psycho then?

Lauren from USA said:
No, I\'m just in love with Kurt.

Christian from usa said:
I think that you have problems.Lauren.

Lauren from USA said:
666,you can eat my vagina because I bet you are a whore.Christian, if you look like Kurt Cobain then we should get married.Okay.

Christian from USA ,TN said:
Anyone here or want to talk?

Katie from USA said:
It will all work itself out in the end.I always figured that he killed himself untill I saw an episode of unsolved mysteries that came out sometime in 96 where they discussed the facts and different possibilities for his death.Maybe somewhere they are doing a whole research type thing but are not telling the public.For whoever asked if Elvis\' fans are still alive, yes,he died in the 70s,they are older but they are still alive, people that were into Nirvana in the 90s younger siblings like Nirvana and then someday their children will,so Nirvana will be remembered.

Rach from England said:
Nobody knows what to believe about how Kurt died, so many theories going around, but here\'s hoping that the truth will one day be revealed just to put our minds at rest

666 from England said:
1 more ting if courtney r ne1 else killed kurt sur how could he rite it? coz he was dead!

elise from England said:

666 from England said:
i aint makin ne ting up! sum people say she was avin an affair.c ya christian i gota go 2 so later guys n gals......

elise from England said:
sexy sixsixsix??

elise from England said:

Christian from USA,TN said:
I\'ll be back in a few hours I\'ve got some stuff to do so I\'ll talk to you guys in a while seeya.

elise from England said:
now youre just guessing and making up stuff he wouldnt leave her... well i dont know, but dont think so! he loved her! read his note why would he write that if she killed him?? and he did cause scientist-guys have figured that out...

666 from England said:
ok u wana no y she mite ave killed im wel i z wat if he was gona leave her

elise from England said:
are you at the site?? kinda blond...

elise from England said:
but before?? you havent sayd that before...

elise from England said:
ah! sorry kinda stupid.. haha

elise from England said:

elise from England said:
BORING come on guys!!!

666 from England said:
christian ya i think she ad help ders no way she could ave done it herself.elise read wat i wrote b4

elise from England said:

elise from norway said:
dont get that!

elise from England said:
why would she kill him actually?

Christian from USA,TN said:
Just a theory.

elise from Norway said:
but i have to write my name all the time! why?

elise from norway said:
i dont... :) i just think

666 from England said:
wel lik elise how do u no?

Christian from USA,TN said:
Well 666 she could have, but I think she would have had a bunch of help if she did.

elise from norway said:

elise from norway said:
he wasnt he loved her and their daughter

Christian from USA,TN said:
Elise,Did you read what I put yesterday?

elise from norway said:

666 from England said:
ya i read so u dont tink she as n courtney killed im? i can c where ur comin 4rm coz i tink she\'s a stupid bitch bt wat if he was gona leave her

elise said:
why dont u think he suicide? i havent really heard all the facts but i think its obvious...

Christian from USA,TN said:
666,We will never know unless the case gets opened back up I expressed my veiws on this below a few comments.

elise from norway said: