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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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vick from England said:
im in a lesson at my school at da mo, im reli reli bored!

Anne (vick\'s twin sis) from England said:
helloooooo stop imitating people its really annoying and pathetic

vick from England said:
im in a lesson at my school at da mo, im reli reli bored!

vick (the real one) from England said:
i didnt reli write dat second msg about jerry springer...must of bin sum 1 else

Kostas from Corfu said:
hello sue i live in corfu i would love to see you

sue from England said:
hello all you greek guys-i am going to corfu/roda in june anyone want to meet me????????????????????

jessica from England said:
hello moto

sally from manchester said:
hi raymondo i will be comeing to malta in augest maby we can get it on. i am staying in sliema. is that far from you?i am realy looking forward to it maby we can make love on the beach. you could show me the sights please write back raymondo. lots of love and kisses Sally

Raymondo from Malta said:
Hi everyone i am male 45 lookink to date ladies. if you come to my country on holliday it would be very nice to meet you. i am looking for long or short term relationship.

jessica from England said:
hi mary this is not a real dating site but i would love to get into your PAnties

mary from England said:
19 year old bi/fem seeks simmilar for fun nights in and out. hi i am slim blue eyes long blonde hair. i hve a b/f so i am just looking for the girls. i am shaved and i am a naturist and like to go nude whenever i can. if you are interested please leave me a contact numbet....xx...mary

jessica from USA said:

jessica from England said:

Scarlett davis from USA said:
i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU KKUURRTT CCOOBBAAIINN!!!!!!! i should have been you wife instead of Courtney

martyn from scotland said:
aw rite a wanna fuck. jessica give me your email address a wanna get the knickers aff you ya bitch? if an of the other bitches want to fuck send me an email. what aboot you katie do you want to send me some of your pics? no point in beeting about the bush when all you want to do is get in about it. send me your dirty pics suckitandsee@wetwetwet.com

bernie from germany said:
love da site. yiu are all so frendly.? do yous no each other i love da way yous all make love with each other. please lets all be part of this great how you say it chatroome i would love to be part of this big orgy it sounds so sex free

katie from usa said:
Its okay Lexi, it just gets my panties all wet when people use my name to talk dirty and then it makes it even worse when the other people actually wet there panties as well. This guestbook used to be dirty as fuck untill everyone started fucking and doing disgusting stupid stuff. I really understand what they are getting out of it. All that is happening is people just are coming here for an orgy or a gang bang but thats ok i enjoy that.

lexi from from u.s said:
who is nirvana? did they win the eurovision song contest?

Katie the real cock suckin bitch from usa said:
who the fuck what the fuck where the fuck is that a fuck well fuck knows who gives a fuck mmmmm fuck you fuck me fuck them all let them all fuck me me a dodt give a fuck yes i want to fuck al fuck all day i will will yoy fuck me i will fuck ur dad i will fuck your dog your dog can fuck me anyone can fuck me i fuck them all.

vick give me dick from England said:
no offence jerry but this site and your show has a lot i common........... they are both full of wankers and whores

jerry springer from usa said:
get to fuck of my show

katie from England said:
hi what you all about JsKa do you take it up the pooper??? you sound like you like it up the ass. i bet you fuck on first dates.. do you want to fuck me i have been to the clinic and been given the all clear no S.T.D for me ha ha. im free to fuck n suck. anyone up for it

chris from usa said:
Cundrad from Netherlands hes fuckin dead you stupid fuckwit. get to fuck and dont come back you prick...

vick from England said:
no offence but who honestly givs a shit any more, its a website about nirvana not a friggin jerry springer show, so just giv a rest

jessica from England said:
oooo lexi wrting alot arnt we? wow someone wants to get a bigger vocab fucking bitch and as for katie and lindsey they can kiss my white trailor trashy ass, oh and im so stupid i didnt think that kurt was cremated duh!!!! but past the point im posting under you names so i dont give a shit what you think bcus im in my own little world and i dont care losers

vick from England said:
the best feeling in the universe....NIRVANA FULL BLAST! WHILST PLAYIN ALONG WITH GUITAR! or watever

vick from England said:
KURT ROCKS!!! RIP xoxoxoxox admire you and your music always dude xoxoxox

fortheamazinkurt from Scotland said:
kurt rocked, we all miss him, RIP Kurt

Nicola_says_hiya from England said:
hi, this is a really kl website! thanx for givin me the info that i need for a talk i am doin for english at school!

Cundrad from Netherlands said:

vick from England said:
random comment

JsKa from United States said:
um this is suppose to be about kurt cobain you stupid pricks. who cares about if someone is horny or not. go to a chat room and talk about that. that shit does not belong here. grow up! kurt cobain was a great guy. he had awesome songs, he was real, he was down to earth, he was a person. he will be forever missed and its sad that hes gone. R.I.P KURT COBAIN with love, JsKa

lexi from u.s said:
jokin!!!!! you kiddin am as horny as hell i would fuck a dog

vick from England said:
cheers lexi! no probs (that wsnt to the reply about da sex coz i guesed u were jokin or summat)

vick from England said:
hello there! im at school, reli bored. fuckin hate dis lesson, thinkin of kurt....

Katie from USA said:
Its okay Lexi, it just pisses me off that people use my name to talk shit and then it makes it even worse when the other people actually think that it is me saying it. This guestbook used to be pretty decent untill someone started taking everyone else\'s names to say disgusting stupid stuff. I really don\'t understand what they are getting out of it. All that is happening is people just stop coming here.

lexi from u.s said:
hay peolples i was bored so i just wanted to see what was all going on in the guestbook and sry about the long message also to the real katie sry about that i thought it was u but i guess it was just some annoying lil bitch jessica so hahahahaha jessica very funny u bitch why dont u use ur own goddamn name to write stuff and stop using my name to say stuff goddamn grow up to vick and katie i did not ask if they would fuck me and even if i did know the peolpe and wanted to fuck them i wouldnt fuck a girl because i am straight im not a fucking lesbian and vick thank u for the nice comment u said on this site u r kewl! Will thank u for telling me who was really saying that. And nunya ur right maby i should know who is saying that shit before i start writting shit back. I LOVE U KURT R.I.P FROM THE REAL LEXI. PEACE OUT EVERYONE.

nunya from England said:
abz just you fuck off go and stick your cock in your mother you fucker. i gave her one last night she is a fucking slapper wot a slut.

abz from England said:
hey guys agen, wot HAS happend 2 vis site, vis katie bitch has taken ova (not the real katie by the way), anoyin evry1, she shud jst get a life!! stupid bitch, fuck off

lexi from u.s said:
vick do you wanna fuck

lexi from u.s said:
ok katie do you want to fuck

jessica from England said:
im not pissing on kurts grave ......just shitting on it you tossers

amanda from usa said:
hey i just wanted to say tht kurt cobain was an amazing songwriter and a controversial role model!!!

vick from England said:
HAHAHAHAHA! just read lexi\'s comment, it fuckin rocks, you go girl! i wud of dudn exactly the same =p

vick from England said:
Nirvava rock! i\'m currently trying to play a few songs of theirs on my fender, by the way awesome website

nunya from England said:
If your too much of a dumbass to tell when it really is someone or not than nobody here gives a shit if you leave or not Lexi.

Will from USA said:
Lexi, your a dumbass. The real Katie hasn\'t said a goddamn thing to anyone, it\'s Jessica using people\'s names. Fucking know what your talking about before you talk you dumb bitch. Fuck you Jessica, I hope your happy that your basically pissing on Kurt\'s grave by turning a dedicated guestbook into mindless bullshit for fun because you have no fucking life.

chris from usa said:
well sed jessica now drop ypor panties and take it up the ass babe

katie from usa said:
well what was that all about no need to give us your life story asswip. its greatv to see the back of you though you were a right pain in the ass you fucking tosser.

lexi from u.s said:
hay katie go to fucking hell u lil cunt stop w/ the bullshit and stop being such an imature bitch. u r so fuckin stupid it is unbelivable putting my fucking name down on the guestbook and saying shit like the lil imature text owww do u guys think im cool. u did read that i was a stoner and a rebel. are u impressed and charlottea think its called ha ha ya bastards are going to die. wow that is so cool how u put that shit well since u and ur lil friends r soooooooo fucking god damn great have ur lil piece of shit gossip guestbook to ur selves and make fun of peolpe I DONT REALLY GIVE A SHIT!!!! To all u other peolpe that are just normal like me and right good things about nirvana beware of the stupid cunt katie being such a fucking smart ass. putting other peolpes names down and trying to be so funny and katie u even said so ur self that all the pathetic loosers at home have no life and use other peolpes names well it looks as if ur life is meaningless because u fucking do it ur self. also if u keep being such a dumb lil bitch more peolpe r goin to leave this site. And since ur on this site im not going to keep being harassed by some dumb ho thinkin shes all that so fuck u and im leaving this site peace out to all the cool peolpe on this site that arnt lil imature fucks such as katie and have a life and i dont give a shit what u say to me anymore and NIRVANA STILL FUCKING RULES. GOODBYE WEBSITE. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha FUCK U KATIE!!! FROM THE REAL LEXI AND KATIE U CANT USE MY NAME TO SAY SHIT ANYMORE OR MAKE FUN OF ME BECAUSE 1 I DONT GIVE A SHIT. AND 2 IM NOT COMING BACK TO THIS SITE I WILL FIND ANOTHER SITE TO SAY GOOD SHIT ABOUT THE KICK ASS BAND NIRVANA. TO EVERYONE ELSE SRY SO GOD DAMN LONG BUT I HAD TO GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD BECAUSE IT WAS BUGGING ME AND UR RIGHT KATIE MABY I DONT HAVE A CLUE I DONT GIVE A SHIT. PEACE OUT BITCH!!!

Lindey from Canada said:
Hey guys, sorry thouse last two posts wern\'t me talking. To charlotte, it was really cool seeing all of the Nirvana stuff there, and i was so happy afterward. It was kind of surreal i guess.

chelsey oakes from tennessee said:

jessica said:
well chances are kurt was a fucker, he was a nasty junkie who killed himself and left thet little kiddie and that stunning wife, oo hey lindsey

courtney kaskiw from canada said:
ok. i think that anyone that says that there the biggest fans of nirvana is smoking too much crack. i think that is is not about who the bigest fucking fan is. Nirvana just wanted to be there and wanted people to hear what they had to say in there music. the didn\'t want to be big. people that think that they know kurdt or nirvana dont know nothig. people dont know what was going through kurdts head and so i think antone that thinks that they know kurdt they really know shit

Destiny Johnson from England said:
nirvana is a kick ass band i love the music and Kurt Cobain but he didn\'t kill him self think about it

courtney kaskiw from canada said:
Courtney: i personaly believe that this website is good. it has an outstanding amount of infromation about nirvana and kurdt him self. i truly believe that courtney love did indeed write the sucide letter that was showen that kurt wrote. i do think that it is very questionable weather or not she killed him. i no that this was no a sucide. he might have tried to commit suicide but the amount of herion that he had in his system there was no possibal way he could life a gun. that is my theroy.

veronica from Italy said:
fantastico! un sito davvero bellissimo! non sono riuscita a capire tutto, devo tradurre qualche parte! e non capisco quello che c\' scritto nel guestbook, ma immagino che non capirete nemmeno voi quello che ho scritto io! ciao ciao

courtney kaskiw from canada said:
I personaly believe that this was a great website. It had lots of information that i did not know about nirvana. i do believe that courtney love did write the suicide letter it is very questionable weather she killed him or not

rach from England said:
Fuck you all, this guestbook is full of shit now! Just wanted to say hi how r you all Charlotte, Kurt, 666 ,lindey, Will, Chris, Dani etc , im so regretting it tonnes of wortless shit. Ungreatful, respectless bastards.

lexi from u.s said:
charlotte a think its called ha ha ya bastard you are goin to die

lindey from canada said:
i ok chris if you want to fuck go and fuck that tart katie. she has been around a bit that slag.

chris from usa said:
i know its old hat but does anyone want to fuck

Lindey from canada said:
What do you mean it was fuckin amazing charlotte i was only telling you ya fucking cow. now fuck off you slapper & dont come fucking back.

anomonus from England said:
great site check this www.cobaincase.cjb.net

Charlotte from England said:
Wow! Lindey that is amazing. You are really lucky! I wish I could have been there! What was it like? Has anyone heard about that film that is based on the last week of Kurts life? I dunno wot it is called though... Charlottexxxx

Charlotte from England said:
Hey, I hope the normal people are okay, ie Katie, Chris, Lindey, Rach etc..Hope everyone is enjoying what they are doing! Speak soon, Love ya all, Charlottexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lindey from Canada said:
Hey everyone, I havn\'t posted in a while, but i decided to come on here to tell you guys about the thing that will probably end up being the most exciting thing i will ever do. I got to go to L.A, and we drove down to Hollywood and I went to the Hard Rock Cafe there. I saw Kurt\'s guitar there! I touched it, strummed its strings and got my picture taken with it. So since most of you are cool Nirvana fans, I just wanted to share that with you. I hope you are all ok! bye

Lexi from U.S. said:
Do you guys think I\'m cool? You did read that I\'m a stoner and a rebel didn\'t you? Are you impressed?

katie from usa said:
you are right lexi i dont know you but you still dont have a clue your a fuckin asshole

joann santos from usa said:
Nirvana rocks! if you are wpndering how i got ot this site,...well...i got this site by goin to google and web then kurt vcobain biography. i personally chose kurt cobain for a guitar and vocals man for school..well.....now i\'m at school and i gotta go so peace...bye

chris from usa said:
i know when its you, katie. hopefully you know when its me. this is a lot of bullshit.

conn from England said:
OMG there is amovie out about kurts life, im from the UK so ist only just came out, its apparantly fuckin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dnt know if any1 else know about it, no1 has seemed to commented on it, but i think its fucking awsome, as a nirvana fan for some years now and the biggest fuckin kurt fan on the planet im reallyi nterested to see how they portray his death, i will be soooooooooo pissed off if the do it as suicide, because as we all know it most definatly wasnt suicide.any way check out the film, kurt cobain ruls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abz v propa 1 from England said:
hi i wudnt say nefin horrible bout u guys, part frm katie

mikey from U.S.A Ohio said:
NIRANA was the shit they still are rip Kurt

Lexi from U.S said:
I dont know why ur talking shit 2 me Katie I came on this site to say some words about Nirvana one of the worlds best bands not to have some chick say shit about me this isnt about ur lil gossip book its about Kurt Cobain.

Lexi from U.S said:
Fuck u Katie u dont even know me

chris from usa said:
katie come back ya bitch. who else can i kid on that my g/f is abusing herself. so dont go you slapper i will miss the good times we all share. if you do go ....well just fuck off

Michael Beaty from U.S.A said:
Kurt is the best singer of all time

Katie from USA said:
Alright I\'m out, but before I go, I just wanted to tell whoever the pathetic fuck at home taking everyone\'s names is that it really is a whole other level of having no life when you have conversations with yourself using other\'s names on a guestbook. It\'s sad. I\'m sorry that your life is so meaningless.

katie from usa said:
yes rebel without a fucking clue

chris from usa said:
are you bent lexi

Lexi from U.S said:
Well this is fucking boring theirs no one writing anything so im gonna go chill with my hommies later.

Lexi from U.S said:
Is anyone on this site right now?

Lexi from U.S said:
I dont know u abz but i am not a slut i am a stoner and a rebel!

Lexi from U.S said:
Hay abz i dont know u but i am not a slut im a stoner and a rebel.

Lexi from U.S said:
Wad up peolpes Kurt Cobain is fucking awsome but i hate that skanky ass bitch Courtney Love I hope that cunt burns in hell. i love you kurt.SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!?!?!?!?!?