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Thank you to every one who has signed my guestbook over the life of this site. A guestbook is a long forgotten piece of Internet websites so in 2014 I finally shut this part off. Very few people visiting the site know what a guestbook is for, or even care.

What follows are the most recent messages before I shut the guestbook off. I have kept the old messages too if you want to read them.

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*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
never had my mouth round there so Clamped ya bawbag

Katie from U.S.A said:
whats my moof dawn is that what you have round your bros cock??

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Katie jst shut up while yi kin lololol

Katie from u.s.a said:
i remember glasgow...we got history on it ...yes it has two great soccer teams yea GLASGOW RANGERS yea & PARTICK THISTLE yea

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
stupid cunt i said go to scotland and i said get a taxi 2 toryglen if u think yer such loud mouth cunt! u started this mess and i want 2 finish it ! jus correcting spelling mistake afore ye try tae act smart ya creep!

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
get a grip katie repeating what has already been said isnt getting you anywhere if u dont understand wit iz beein sayed jst sit there n clamp it n stop openin yir moof n littin yir belly rumble fs go suck yir daz nob like yi usualy dae yah fuckin wee slut

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
stupid cunt i said go to scotlnad and i said get a taxi 2 toryglen if u think yer such loud mouth cunt! u started this mess and i want 2 finish it !

katie from u.s.a said:
i have said it before kunt cokain IS no fucking legend.hes just DEAD

katie from u.s.a said:
am sick of that kunt cokain. how do i find my way to TORYGLEN?? will i just be able to smell it??WELL SPOKEN MATT are you a pedo as well??is TORYGLEN in england?/?

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Oh Katie Forgot To Mention, You Would Be A Great Ardvert For Contraception, People Would Look At You And Practice Safe Sex To Prevent Reproduction Of A Specie Such As YOurself.

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
kurt cobain was no IS a legend. R.I.P

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Anti Katie Crew!! Matt & Dawn Runnin Iss Pish 2oo5 Style Fs

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Katie yah black cow yir needty get a grip ae yir life mahn dae you spen aw yir tyme oan iss shyte n witz eh point in tryin ae impersonate some one no one finds u remotley funny this is ment to be where people leave their comments for this website dedicated to Kurt Cobain And you seem to think u own it you seriously needt to get a grip of your life and get up off your fat, lazy lesbian arse n get out more you act so childish you have sayed on this book that u are 16, 19 and 20 so which have we to beleive? you seriously do think u are brilliant but guess what you aint no one remotley likes u so stop wastin your time and get some freindz.

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
get a grip asi already mentioned he hasnt got the internet and knows nothing of this site so ur clamped ya ride! PATHETIC SO U R!!!!!!!! AND HE IS NO PEDO SO UV BEEN PROVED WRONGANDYET AGAIN PATHETIC HAVIN TO PRETEND TO BE SUM1 KATIE

*+*Dawn*+*pedo bro*+* from England,Scotland, Glasgow said:
hi incest brother & sister looking for dates any age sex creed preferably disease free but not to fussy anyone interested get in touch me up... sorry im getting carried away again.. i might touch you up

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
ryt ya wee plamf goin to clamp u again jus scrollin down there and noticed all u do is come on this for an argument sad pathetic creep go argue wit real people or do u not coz u no u would be smashed about the place. such a waste of a good life that its turned to a nasty bitch that u r!1

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
Fukin cow man honestly you r fukin lucky u will never see me coz i swear i would kill u ya fukin manky trollop fukin miss im so amazin i can slag peoples families i know nuffin about maybe u should keep ur mouth shut when u dont no nothing about me or my family ah swear if only i could smash ur face in!!

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Katie Yah Sick Fuck Coz U Got Touched Up By Wacko Jacko Diznae Meen Yi Cin Blame Others For The Same & U Betur Leave Dawnz Bro Outa This Or Ahll B Formatting Your Hard Drive Yah Sad, Sick Pathetic Wee Cow Go Get A Life And Grow Up A Bit Your Probably Aboot 12 FS! Go Back Ae Bed Fs Yah Mad Looser.

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland said:
imagine copyin wit a wrote and sayin by my pedo bro ryt u ya fanny baws ma bro is no pedo and u wrote england, scotland so get it roon yee ya daftie maybe go get sum geograpghy lessons afore ye start flappin yer gums or in ur case ya tart yer fanny flaps!!! fukin cow ye widnae be sayin at if it wis tae ma face yer a sad boot that has tae talk about peepo she dont kno and yer lucky its not to my face coz ad get u done in naw infact ad do u in maself coz yer a sad looser hoo canny take gettin proved wrong!!!!

katie from u.s.a said:
hi ya all i see a lots been happening since i was here last. take care

*+*Dawn*+*pedo bro*+* from England,Scotland, Glasgow said:
no wit pure annoys me when am jobbie eatin with cows that make me muff other pepoles familys pet dogs wen i\'ve never fucked them afore in full sex. c that katie man if only she came tae glesga and fucked the way i did! aw ma m8s kno hink she wid get sumfin awful man she\\\'d get an s.t.d like me fuk!!!!

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Aye Dawn Babes She Widnae Last 10 Minz Doon Hea Mahn Fs! Shed Walk Doon & Get Slapped Fir lookin Lyke A Tramp Doost Oot A Bin =)) :-j

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
no wit pure annoys me man wee jobbie eatin cows that make up stuff about other pepoles familys wen they\'ve never meet them afore in ther full bean c at katie man if only she came tae glesga and tlked the way she did! aw matt m8 kno hink she wid get telt sumfin awful man she\'d get her baws booted tae fuk!!!!

hahahahahahaha from hahahahaha said:
matt yer sum buzz m8 get these hairy muff bags telt!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!1

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Sum Dunt Int A, Hea A Say We Show Them Wit Sexual Tok Iz & Hive Wan Ae Oor L8 Nite Convo\'z In Hea :-j

hahahahahahaha from hahahahaha said:
matt yer sum buzz m8 get these hairy muff bags telt!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!1

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Prick face clamp Yir Jawz Yah prick Ir Yill B Clampin Yir Jawz Roon Yr Daz Bawz ;)

you can all suck my dick jesus and all mother fuckers who eat KKKKUUUURRRRTTTTSSSSSS SHIT

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
julie get to fuk that boot started it i wrote about kurt and that katie started slaggin my family think im gonna take it like a bitch so fuk off if u like being walked over i wrote nuffin sexual so take it out on that bitch and dont call me a fuker ya reject get the facts straight before u bad mouth cunts stupid cow!

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Fuck UP jluie yah cow

jluie from canada said:
what the hell is this. i thought this website was about Kurt and Nirvana but when i read other people messages it seems like yous should be on a kinky incest porn website. like there is two messages about kurt and the rest about a family and their sexual feelings for each other like half the people on here write about how they dont like kurt. what kind of low life spends their time doing that. i sympathize you , you sad unfortunate souls.did you no that liar spelt backwards is rail. sweet eh. nirvana the greatest but you fuckers suck!

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Heer Fs Katie Yah American Basturd A Bet Yir A Paki Yir Skinz Probably Az Brown Az Ma Shit Noo If Yi Don\'t Stop Geein Dawn Yir Pish Ahm Gonnie Shut Doon Yir Hard Drive Ok Yah Fuckin Wee Tramp. Yir Jst A SLUT!!!!!!

Dj Matt from Glasgow said:
Heer Fs Katie Yah American Basturd A Bet Yir A Paki Yir Skinz Probably Az Brown Az Ma Shit Noo If Yi Don\'t Stop Geein Dawn Yir Pish Ahm Gonnie Shut Doon Yir Hard Drive Ok Yah Fuckin Wee Tramp. Yir Jst A SLUT!!!!!!

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
Fuck sake ya wee bitch how pathetic! Honestly man I dont see the point in you at all imagine pretending to be someone just because ur loosing an argument!! Katie ur a pathetic bitch who probly got boned aff ur da so get a grip ya grouse!!! and get ur facts right before you start pretending to be someone else ya mad manky slut my big bro doesnt hav the internet and since he lives in england pretty hard for him to hav sex with me and for him to know to write on this guestbook fukin wee ride honestly how old r u ? havin to make up stories to fufill ur oan sadistic fantasies u know nothing of my family so shut ur only good for sucking daddys cock mouth and go sit in ur corner yer pathetic!!

*+*Dawn*+*Pedo Bro*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
OK so what if i am a pedo its got fuck all to do with anyone else.incest its a family thing now just go away and leave us to it.and so what if Dawn is a slapper she is still my kid sis.so leave us alone no one is going to join us for sex or anything els we keep it in the family ok so fuck off.

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:

KATIE from U.S.A said:

KATIE from U.S.A said:

Joseph from america said:
Kurt Cobain is the dumbest most pathetic piece of shit that has ever walked the earth. GOOD DAY TO YA ALL ;)

Anti - Jesusman from Ireland said:
This is interesting.

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
R u dumb????????? can u not read i wrote nothing i wrote there was meant sexually so ur in the wrong ya mad plamf ur jus a fukin goon and stop implyin my brothers a pervert get a life fuck sake all u do is come up with the same insults and i called u a slapper which means tart and guess what? NUFFIN I HAV SAID IS SEXUAL SO DONT TRY USIN IT AS AN INSULT YA FUKIN BAWBAG!!!!!

katie from u.s.a said:
sorry was that your brothers life or do you want to bring your brothers wife? is she kinky as well? whats hinkin i dont fancy catching that i will have to go back to the s.t.d clinic. have you already caught hinkin?

katie from u.s.a said:
do you mean stupid fukin farmer?(cow man)what is a ciuntry.dont call yourself a slapper big bros little tart maby slapper no your just thinking about spanking again.are you still taking a leather belt to me then?i see your talking about pissing on me know that sounds very kinky.you also spelt muffing wrong. so your going to spank me muff me then piss on me mmmm baby your so kinky.is your friend cummin can i slapper. is big bro cummin to

Heart Shaped Box..X.x.X from Canada said:
Even though I was a small infant while Nirvana was still making records - they have inspired me so much. May Kurt\'s soul live on. he was a spokseperson for a generation. RIP...

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
stupid fukin cow man scotland is a different ciuntry in the UK and a swear ya manky wee bitch if only ah cood batter fuk oot a u what is the point in tryin tae slag wit am sayin and twistin it round just to fufill ur sick sadistic fantasies and when did i say i would use a belt i said LEATHER FUK RITE OUT OF YE! which means yer gettin done in nuffin sexual ya mad tramp aw fuk it man a swear in ma brothers life if a ever saw u a will kill u a canny stand mad lassies hinkin they can take the piss oot of u and if ye try actin smart a swear there no point startin with me coz am jus gonnae pound ye wae hunners of slaggins! AND BEFORE U START UR SHITE NUFFIN I HAV SAID IS MEANT TO BE SEXUAL MAD TROLLOP!!!!!!!!!! and anyway this is meant to be a site for kurt cobain no meant to be a slaggin match so get a grip! and for the person that asked i dont kno how its defined in england but cow up here in scotland is meant to mean the girls a slapper.

katie from u.s.a said:
where about in england is Scotland, Glasgow.

katie from u.s.a said:
god you are so kinky you want to spank me with a belt mmmmmmm. you are all at it in your family eh? if you think a deserve a telling great you have told me. now when am i getting a spanking. is it from you or your pedo bro?

sally from U.S.A said:
I was just wondering, in England does cow mean bitch or are you calling the person fat?

*+*Dawn*+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
Katie ah dont give a fuk if u wer kiddin don\'t fukin dare emply shit like that about my big bro shows what a dirty bastard you must be to even think such things u perverted sadistic cow!!! Ah swear if i could i would fukin leather fuk right out of you ya mad boot!!!! (sorry to others for the language but some wee perverts deserve a telling)!

jessica from England said:
Trust you Katie i thought you had changed but no you are still the same sad (sorry for my language bastard) we were going to be friends as well but no im sorry it cant happen not with a cow like you. this is ment to be a site for kurt and you just spoil it all the time. i can remember when you seemed so nice but no now we see the real side of you. go away please and dont come here again.

katie from usa said:
what??? your brother was in about you when you wer 3??fuckin dirty cunt. cut his fuckin manhood off.

*+*Dawn *+*Ache*+* from Scotland, Glasgow said:
Kurt was a great influence to a generation, my big bro got me into him when i was three im 15 now and i still am. He wasnt fake he was only himself and thats what i admire about him. Thats all I can say apart from R.I.P Kurt now you are free, you are a true inspiration. All my respect and admiration. Dawn x-x-x-x-x

Katie from u,s,a said:
respect my ass the cunt does not deserve any respect.its not a tribute site anymore just a fuckin dating chatroom. now you can rot in hell with the cunt.

Nunya from England said:
well get to fuck you slut and dont ever cum back again you will not be mist fucking slapper

marissa from The netherlands said:
yesus, the last time I came here, this place was ruled over by 13 year olds who came here to discus who wether or not is a bitch or whatever...I did not came back for a while because I was schock to see how the state of this, how I know it, the best site about nirvana ever was. and now, this site even got worse! comon you people...this is a site about Nirvana, not about who is a bitch or who is not...get real! this is not somekind of kindergarden, act real. You are distroying the one and only site witch is the best about nirvana and Kurt Cobain, some of you may wonder who they are, well, this website is a tribute to them..duh.. people who used to come here, are now not coming anymore.. you al overrule the site, please keep it down and have some respect! so got that of my hart, people who do come here for NIRVANA don;t feel attacked by this message, it\'s not out for you guys, people who do feel attecked....well hope they are smart enough to get the message. love peace, for kurt donald cobain love you , miss you, marissa

rach from England said:
i hope your cock falls off

k martin from England said:
i have scabies and cant find help

peppi the italian stallion from france said:
confused????????so was my mamma she from thailand she married a tally.now its a me that confused. me wella a hung lika a horse buta a no gota a clue. i no i hava a problem 10 inch cock ita no stay up. i try viagra no good a canny bend ma lege for 2 days.neva mind hung lika a horse i thinka me need a horse. or a cow. or a sheep maby a move to aberdeen av heard about the fuckers from there.. scared sheep gota get a ma wellies.wella a see ye all a later my friends. cheerybeby

chelsea & beth (the bi babes) : from England said:
great to see this fucksite is still going strong. we are at a sleepover at beths we just found her mums vibrator we are having lots of fun. katie if you do own this site you still sound a right cow.chelsea & beth

Nunya from England said:
Katie im going to get my penis out and give you a good shafting. you dirty fucking whore you.

Katie from Suckas r fuckas said:

Katie from fuckas r fuckas said:


lickis my dickis from England said:
Jessica, your a stupid dumbass.

Nunya from England said:
Would you be happy burning in the fires of hell you stupid cow. Yes he is ovet the fuckin moon. what a lot of fuckin shit.he will never be a peace he is rottin in hell. Now piss off. your down here he is down there the bastards in hell.

Sabrina from U.S.A said:
Hi it seems like everyone that gets on this site likes Kurt.Not!what the hell is wrong with everyone.U guys make me sick.Anyways,I was here to say that I miss Kurt and I hope he is happy where he is now though down here I miss him a whole lot than he would think.Love You Kurt to Death.Rest In Peace.

Katie from U.S.A said:
i have hd taken to much shite on here if that wanker chris,s g/f can abuse herself then so can i. i have a rampant rabbit & a big black mamba one is going in my pussy the other is going right up my anus.i have clamps for my nipples auch!! if any of you fuckers want to join me let me know. im only to happy to oblidge but you allready no that.as for nirvana i have gone off the cunts. i also hope that prick kurt burns in hell. that is where the cunt belongs. well thats that im a cheery slut now.take care my fiends & friends. im going im cumming

Gods Kitchen from England said:
anti get it up you asshole

Anti - Jesusman from Ireland said:
Jessica,Your a pathetic piece of shit and a loser.

Abi from England said:
hiya i am the most obsessed kurt cobain fan ever! i luv him 2 pieces n once i cud of sworn i saw him in me m8s bk garden n i saw his reflection in me mirror of him hugging me! i hav a million posters n a copy of his suicide note and death certificate on me wall! I LUV KURT COBAIN! if i eva meet courtney love i will kill her! abi xxx

Charlotte from England said:
megan if you dont like it here fuck off and dont come back ya fucking slapper. its bitches like you who spoil all our fun get to fuck you whore.

katie from U.S.A said:

megan from canada said:
i totally agree with tom grant from the USA. what the hell has happened 2 this site? cant we all just respect and remember nirvana and more importantly, kurt cobain? y do y\'all have to fight and bitch on this guestbook? and if ya dont lyk nirvana, dont come on this site in the first place!

Charlotte from England said:
Hey, what is everyone up to? Has anyone seen that film based on Kurt Cobains last 48 hours alive called \'Last Days\'? It looks good and I was just wondering if any of you guys have seen it? If you have, could you please tell me if it was worth the money you paid or not? Thanks, Charlottexxxxx

Katie from U.S.A said:
Congratulations Chris, I told you there are decent women out there. It sounds like you found one. I hope everything works out.