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Tom Grant The Silent Media

"Just yesterday I printed the Summary Of Events. I showed them to this kid and he laughed at first. And then he got kinda quiet, and then just kinda sat there. He says he believes you now." (E-mail from "C" at Empnet.com)

The Silent Media

I've been patient with the media. I felt they needed time, given the somewhat complex nature of this case. After all, I had very little understanding or knowledge of how editors, news directors, and radio and television producers make decisions about what to cover in their articles or broadcasts. I felt I had a lot to learn before I could criticize a profession I knew so little about.

After a brief look at the manipulation tactics used against the media to censor this information and keep it from the public, I'll begin the first in a series of stories about experiences I've had with specific radio, television, and print media.

If you think our media "industry" has sufficient incentive to search for the truth behind the stories they cover, you'll be blown away by what you're about to learn.

Intimidation, Hot Air, & High Priced Attorneys

Referring to the disclosure of the "Summary Of Events," Courtney's attorneys have taken out a full page ads in major media broadcasting magazines threatening to sue anyone who participates "either directly or indirectly, in the dissemination or publication of these statements..."

These same attorneys threatened me with lawsuits, criminal prosecution, and "SWIFT ACTION" when I first began speaking out about what I know. I've continued to ignore their threats since December of 1994. Where's the "swift action?"

These briefcase bullies threaten and intimidate, but when their "victim" stands firm, they slink away with their tail between their legs.


I hope I'm wrong!

A lawsuit would create publicity for the investigation, the very thing they're trying to avoid. It would give me the opportunity to present disclosed and undisclosed evidence in a court of law. It would expose the truth about this whole smelly fraud. And a lawsuit would also bring immediate counter suits. I'm not after their filthy money, but if they really want to flex their muscles, they better be sure their pants don't fall down.

I'm going to tell the truth about what I know. If these people want to challenge my right to do that, they know where to serve the papers.

Several media sources are seeing through the smoke now. Stories about this investigation have recently been published not only in the U.S but also in England, Sweden, Italy, Australia and probably other countries that I haven't heard about yet.

Publicity is not my PERSONAL goal here. But it's a necessary goal for this investigation if we expect to gain a large enough support base with the strength to pressure the authorities into re-opening this case.


"Five minutes. That's all!"

The producer of the Kevin and Bean show, which airs in the morning on the "World Famous KROQ," 106.7 FM in Los Angeles, was requesting a five minute on air interview by telephone last January.

"Five minutes?" I thought to myself. "No way!"

This was a station that plays a lot of Hole's music. These two guys are comedians. They make a joke out of everything. Why would they want me for only five minutes?

Guessing that I was being set up for a sound bite harvest, I told the producer I'd do an hour minimum, nothing less - and I wanted to meet with Kevin and Bean the day before to go over what I'd be willing to discuss and what I wouldn't.


We met at the studio for two hours the day before we went on the air.Kevin and Bean agreed to allow me to lead the listeners through the events outlined in the "Summary." I told them that would take up most of the hour."No problem." Both Kevin and Bean were friendly and came across as somewhat supportive, but I had a feeling I was being set-up.

I was right.

Ignoring the discussions and agreements we made the day before, ten minutes or so into the broadcast I got ambushed with verbal attacks. It was obvious these guys had a job to do. Fortunately, it was also obvious to the listeners!

An hour and a half later, we were still going. The phone lines were all lit up. The switchboard was full. Kevin and Bean tried to do a hatchet job but it was backfiring. The majority of the callers were supportive of the investigation and wanted to hear more.

In spite of constant criticism by these DJs, an attorney called in from his car phone and said something like, "You're not listening. This guy knows what he's doing," and then gave them a brief lesson on rules of evidence.

When it came time for me to leave, Kevin and Bean asked if I'd be willing to come back the next week for a follow-up interview. It was obvious the listeners wanted more.

"Sure. Anytime," I replied.

Listening to my radio as I drove away from the studio, I heard the DJs promise their listeners they'd have me back soon and they'd take up the discussion about this case the next morning as well as take more calls from listeners.

So instead of coming across as some kind of conspiracy nut who these guys could have some "fun" with, the radio audience determined that I was credible and what I had to say was important.

Oops! What now?

7:00 AM the next morning.
I tuned in to listen to the Kevin and Bean Show. What follows is a transcript of what I heard. Many who have called the Cobain Info line have heard the tape of this broadcast, but for those who haven't, this is how it goes...

BEAN - "It's the world famous K-rock, 106.7 KROQ. Kevin and Bean here at 7:37. We do have to take care of some pressing business because we've had aah, I don't think I'm exaggerating if I say, we've had a lot of phone calls this morning..."

KEVIN - "Aah, you're not exaggerating at all!"

BEAN - "A lot of phone calls this morning who are looking for some sort of follow-up on what we devoted the entire show to yesterday which was a private investigator who was in talking about the death of Kurt Cobain...

"We are being forced, 100% against our will to read this to you.'Courtney Love's representatives objected to the contents of yesterday's show. Out of deference to Miss Love, we are not going to be following up today on any subjects related to Miss Love the way we might usually do so. We may have something further to say in the future. Thanks for listening and understanding.

"That's basically the total, the sum of what we are being allowed to say on the air today."

So I was not invited back as they had promised their listeners, and callers were not allowed to bring up this subject on the air from that day on.


This was a perfect example of how money and power can buy silence, EVEN THOUGH THE PUBLIC WANTS TO HEAR! This type of censorship is based entirely on fear of exposure of the truth. The tobacco companies are experts at this tactic as we've recently seen on C.B.S. and A.B.C.

Most of us are extremely naive when it comes to our beliefs and understanding of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.


Listening to Kevin and Bean DJ criticize this investigation on the radio as I left the studio, I heard one of them comment, "He's got an AGENDA."

This was a weak attempt to discredit my work, but I had to wonder how "agenda" ever became a four letter word!

This is a unique case. It calls for some unique strategies. Do I have an agenda? Of course I do! And here it is...

  • Stop the "Copy-cat" suicides ...

  • Put Courtney Love on notice...

  • Set up a forum for releasing information...

  • Gain support from Cobain's fans for a re-investigation of his death...

  • Gain support from the parents and other adults who care about Cobain's fans...

  • Create interest and gain support from a larger segment of the adult population...

  • Inspire the media to examine the circumstances surrounding Cobain's death, and report the details accurately...

  • Pressure the authorities to re-open this case and have it investigated by unbiased investigators from another governmental agency...

  • Supply these new investigators with additional evidence and information...

  • Assist the authorities with the investigation and subsequent prosecution of the killers.


    This phony story is another example of one of the "confusion tactics" being used in a futile effort to throw a blanket of deception over the truth.This one, however, is backfiring. Nearly everyone I've spoken with has seen through this scam immediately.

    As the truth begins to surface and the public learns most of what they've been told about Kurt's death has been false, they've got to come up with something! So now they want you to believe, after all is said and done... THE MACHINE MADE HIM DO IT!

    Courtney's games are simply becoming a little too obvious.


    There's a lot I could say here, but I'll try to be brief.

    It was obvious to most who watched this show that Courtney Love did not belong in the same class with the other individuals featured on the program. I have to believe there were more than strings pulled to get her on, someone used a crane with steel cables for this one!

    Putting that aside, I felt the segment on Courtney Love did a pretty decent job of exposing one of this year's "Most Fascinating" con-artists.

    The footage of Courtney's stage performance revealed she takes every opportunity to inject the image of Kurt "shooting himself" into the minds of her impressionable young fans. No matter what you believe about the cause of Kurt's death, this charade exploits not only that sad event, but also the deaths of the others who followed after him.

    Bad taste and exploitation are nothing new here. What really matters to Courtney is that the fans imagine Kurt with his own finger on the trigger. No pun intended because I don't consider this a joke, but does anyone else notice the overkill here? This is nothing short of a desperate attempt by a scared but shrewd "actress" at reinforcing the suicide myth.

    Still on drugs?

    As you could see from her reaction to the question posed by BarbaraWalters, with all Courtney's experience, she's still not a very good liar.

    And finally, it's been nearly two years now. No one cries that easily whenever a camera is on... unless they want to! I can't help but remember Susan Smith!

    Courtney's unquenchable thirst for publicity and fame will eventually play a significant role in her downfall.


    There's been no word as of this date on the action by Courtney to have my license suspended or revoked. The State Department Of Consumer affairs just cashed the check for my bi-annual license renewal, so I have to assume the attorneys backed off.

    I was looking forward to our first legal scuffle over this investigation, but once again it seems Courtney's attorneys are all bark and no bite!

    I'd hate to have their job. It has to be tough trying to keep the lid on this whole thing!


    Some of my "sources" are now demonstrating a willingness to step forward out of the closet of anonymity. This is going to be a welcome addition. As this case continues to move forward, more voices need to be heard.

    You'll be hearing directly from some of these insiders in future updates. It's going to be interesting.


    Dear Mr. Grant,

    I am new to the Internet, and I was fooling around yesterday, looking for Nirvana links, when I found the reports from your investigation. They took my breath away. Like a lot of other Nirvana fans, I never could quite accept that Kurt killed himself, but I never knew that there was so much evidence against it.

    When I first heard about your investigation in 1994, I thought that you were just some whacko trying to get your 15 minutes of fame. However, now that I know about you and the case, I know I could not have been more wrong.You truly want to find out the truth about Kurt's death. I just want you to know that I, and many other people who felt the same pains Kurt did deep intheir souls, support you 100%...

    I have battled depression and alienation throughout my life. Nirvana was like a life raft for me, knowing there was someone else out there who went through the same things I did, and seemed to be winning the war. After his death, I seriously considered suicide for a time. Kurt seemed like the most stubborn guy in the world. If the world had finally beaten him down, someone so talented and successful, what chance did I stand?

    Now I know, as I always felt, that he didn't give in. But the world was only too eager to file him away as just another f__ked up druggie who pissed his life away. It fit the script perfectly.

    It's obvious that the Seattle police did this, the media did this, society at large did this. They believed what they wanted to believe. They played right into Courtney's hands, and it makes me sick. She was nothing before Kurt, and she knew she'd be nothing again without him. All of her grandstanding, her refusal to let Kurt's soul rest in peace, shows that she is more than a little too focused on reminding everyone that Kurt was HER husband and SHE'S supposedly the one who was hurt the most by his death. But she sure seemed more than willing to just keep right on going with her career with hardly a pause of mourning.

    Unlike Krist and Dave, who avoided the media for a long time after, she was more than willing to talk to the media and make her "grief" public. It didn't seem odd to me at the time, but now it's awfully suspicious.

    I'm sorry if this letter was long and rambling, but I just wanted to let you know how I feel, and how a lot of other people feel. And if only more people knew the facts, they too would want to see the case re-opened. I'm looking forward to seeing your next update in the future, and I hope that the forces trying to stop you don't succeed.

    Good Luck,
    G. C.

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