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Tom Grant Another Cowardly Move

Because of threats from attorneys and intimidation by industry power brokers, the media has failed to cover this investigation adequately. But the attempts by Courtney's attorneys to silence the whole thing have failed. The word is spreading successfully through various on-line services and the Internet. A substantial support base is being established as the investigation gains momentum and moves forward.

Courtney's attorneys recently made a quiet and cowardly behind-the-scenes move. They filed a confidential complaint with the State Department Of Consumer Affairs in Sacramento California. This is the agency that issues licenses to private investigators in the State of California.

Rather than respond to the tough questions left in the wake of this investigation, Courtney's attorneys are silently trying to get my license suspended or revoked in an attempt to put me out of business and disable this investigation by completely draining my already depleted resources.

This is a move that has been anticipated from the beginning. Preparations have been made in advance. They've simply lit a small fuse here that will eventually ignite. When the dust settles, you'll notice a tremendous increase in visibility.


The complaint filed on Courtney's behalf claims I violated a section of the California Business and Professions code in revealing the facts of my investigation to the public.

The code basically states that a private investigator can't disclose information about an investigation to anyone other than law enforcement, without the consent of the investigator's client.


Ms. Susan Just
Case Management Branch
California State Department Of Consumer Affairs
10220 Systems Parkway, Suite B,
Sacramento, CA 95827

Re: Case #IA 95 7769 - PI Lic.# 16603

Dear Ms. Just,

In response to the complaint filed, I've listed below the reasons for my actions:

1. Immediately after Kurt Cobain's body was found, my client gave my telephone number to members of the press. She had not only given me permission to talk to reporters, she encouraged me to do so. She apparently assumed I was in a position where I'd have to say something favorable.

Because of my suspicions at the time, I declined. I wasn't about to make any public statements that I'd later have to go back on.

2. I believe my client hired me under false pretenses, therefore voiding any legitimate client/investigator relationship.

3. On May 8, 1994, one month after Kurt Cobain's death, I advised Ms. Love she was no longer my client as far as this investigation is concerned, and that there would be no further charges for my services.

Ms. Love continued to hire me for other unrelated investigations in an obvious attempt to keep informed about what I was doing with the murder investigation. I have no current plans to discuss the other investigations publicly unless they somehow become more closely related to this case.

4. I tried on several occasions to get Ms. Love to come to my office and meet with me while she was in Los Angeles. I warned her it was extremely important. I wanted to discuss my suspicions in person and tell her about some of my conclusions. I didn't want to simply send another letter. I felt I needed to deal with her directly.

Ms. Love promised to meet with me within a couple of weeks, but even though she came to Los Angeles for several days and stayed within two miles of my office, she failed to meet with me.

5. As I began turning up information indicating a possible murder, I DID go to the police as the law requires... within seven days after Cobain's death! They chose to devalue the information I had gathered and ignored countless inconsistencies, contradictions, and lies perpetrated by my client.

6. I notified my client in writing of my suspicions and she began sabotaging my work.

7. Two other persons close to Ms. Love died under suspicious circumstances within two months after the death of her husband. This is too much of a coincidence for me to ignore without concern for my own personal safety.

8. Releasing this information to the public creates a safer atmosphere too perate in for me and those who work with me.

9. Other people are dying here! Kids are killing themselves because of misinformation in the press and the false belief that someone they looked up to chose this way out of his problems.

10. The Seattle Police have ignored and continue to downplay legitimate information indicating foul play in the death of Cobain. Based on contradictions contained in their own police reports, the information they've released to the press and the public has been proven to be inaccurate and extremely misleading.

The effects of pride, politics, and concern over potential lawsuitshave resulted in a biased and dishonest evaluation of the circumstances surrounding Cobain's death. The detectives on the Seattle Police Departmentare highly motivated to cover-up a very sloppy investigation.

It would be foolish to continue furnishing the Seattle Police Department with legitimate evidence, only to have it destroyed or discredited at will, with no public accountability.

11. I will not keep silent about what I believe to be a murder, simply because others want to close their eyes.

This case needs to be re-investigated by an independent governmental agency. If you find that I violated this section of the Business and Professions Code and if you suspend or revoke my license, your findings will be appealed.

When a law endangers my life or the lives of others by forcing me to keep quiet under these extenuating circumstances, it's time to either make an exception to the law... or change it.

Laws are important: they shouldn't be ignored. But only a fool would stop for a red light if he knew he was about to be rear-ended by a speeding truck.

Tom Grant
The Grant Company


They may get my license and I may be put out of business...temporarily.

If you've had difficulty understanding some of my strategy, I hope now you're beginning to see the need to build a substantial base of public support for this search for truth.

The mailing address for the Dept. Of Consumer affairs is included in the above letter. Please feel free to write to them and express your support for the continuation of this investigation.

In responding to your mail, from the beginning I've told many of you that this is going to be a long slow process. There are going to be roadblocks, smoke screens, diversions, distractions and continued deception by those involved in the cover-up. But eventually, as public support continues to increase, this job will be done.


If you own a web site containing the Summary Of Events and the Updates of this investigation, or if your web page is linked to my home page, please notify us by e-mail at:TGrantCo@aol.com listing the details, (link or original page), and the site location.

We're going to maintain and publish a list of the other locations as a back-up if my page is lost for any reason.

Chris Carman's web site has received more hits than any other privately owned web page operated by his web server. I want to thank Chris Carman and the other site owners for having the courage to help get this information out. Because of their efforts, thousands of interested readers in nearly every country on the globe have had access to this information.

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, their contribution may have helped save some lives. If you have any doubts about that, you need to read some of the mail I get.

When making copies of the material from the web sites to give to friends, I suggest you confine your copying to the the Summary and Updates 1-5. Readers are often overwhelmed with all this. When there's too much to read, they hesitate to read anything.


I've been criticized by a few for giving the details of this investigation through E-mail and the Internet. There are a number of reasons why I've chosen this method, including lack of accurate media coverage. But to be brief I'll just say...this on-line strategy has worked extremely well.

Is it unfair? No, not at all.

If Courtney wants to respond, I'll be happy to publish her complete response on-line.

Courtney has something I don't... immediate access to the media. She's cultivated a host of friendly reporters willing to slant their stories in return for an interview with a controversial figure who obtained celebrity status primarily through the death of her husband.

In addition, Courtney uses on-line computer services extensively to promote her own agenda. She constantly trashes and harasses those who she considers her enemies on-line. Most of these are her former friends who finally got wise to her motives and activities and have backed away from her. Courtney seems to feel she can do and say anything she wants, but no one else has that right.

When it comes to this investigation however, Courtney chooses to hide. Her attorneys do everything they can to suppress the information contained here rather than respond to it.

Keep in mind, the law firm of Codikow, Carroll, and Regis is in quite a predicament. They're not only trying to keep things quiet for Courtney, they're also trying to conceal the involvement and participation in this investigation by a close friend of Courtney's. A PARTNER IN THEIR OWN LAW FIRM... Rosemary Carroll !

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