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Tribute 6

Kurt Cobain--
It had shined from him since his birth
When god blessed the world and put him on earth
He had that naturally beauty, shining bright
In a world of darkness, he was my light.
His lyrics and music tore at my heart,
Boldly honest right from the start..
He might have been small, blessed with mind,
But his genius heart,woke up the blind.
He was not only this great rock star
that people look for, near and far
Everyone assumes he was god,
that ruled the earth with a golden rod,
..He was a man, with a beautiful heart..
and the way we treated him tore him apart..
He didn't want money, fortune or fame,
and we acted like life was some worthless game.
For 4 years, he's been gone, I still have guilt
crying for hours at a shrine I built
I understand now after we forced him on
We made him an idol and now he's gone
he didn't force the millions that he lead,
Or any of the others, after he was dead
Forever my heart and soul drown in rain.
For i'll always love Kurt Cobain

Sara Caldwell