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Tribute 31

                          Satisfying Depression

   Forget it. The choice is no ones, our group is growing and is harder
 to find. Take a look at you, its pretty scary. God is a child for 
playing with us. The earth is a prison cell for us to die in. I reach
 for her but she already died. Please kiss jesus for your life. If you
 want out, just knock. The rain doesn't always start when we go away. 
Please don't curse at me. My mind is dirty, so please clean your mouth. 
Watch out or your son will free you. Don't cry for laughing, its not her
 problem. I'm tired because i sleep for you, don't hurt me for stealing 
your mind. I love you, but love isn't good enough. i found god, she was 
over there. I think i'm dumb for living, but what the fuck? If you could 
only see me now you would be losing a whole year. Look away now, the
is my mother. I'm pathetic but i know its for the best. This Fungas wall 
is in the way of breaking this boring routine. I close my eyes and your 
crying and in a hurry not to move. All i want is for you to know.
 you i'm stupid and can't learn to live to die. Look at all the people 
living for today. I will come to you if you keep dreaming, well i'm 
finished so...go be dumb again.

opher Brewer