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Tribute 29

Smells Like Teen Spirit - CD-Single In Bloom - CD-Single Heart Shaped Box - CD-Single Come As You Are - CD-Single
Where have all the servants gone? 
To serve, to serve?
What's a cookin' in the kitchen?
Smells like teen spirit to me
I think I'm dumb
Oh polly won't you please
Just dive, just dive, just dive in me
Oh, me...Oh my
I sit and I cry
This poem's not about a girl
It's all about you
And how you blew yourself away
I miss you to this day
Today I got a sliver
It really made me shiver
I went to school today
And I got some paper cuts
Oh I love you Kurt
Can't cha' fee my love buzz?
Oh I was, oh I was, Oh how I was
Just cause, just cause,
Mr. Moustache says that does
Oh a whistlin' and a tootin'
In bloom is the spring
I eats' a ding a ling
Oh Kurt Oh Kurt
There's something in the way
I'm coming out cause I'm gay
Big long now,
Maybe, who says how?
With a Breed, and a stain
I am so vein
Cause I'm the hairspray queen
Where has Kurt been?
He's been laying dead
He got shot in the head
Stay away you very ape punk
My heart without Kurt is sunk
Come as you are
I sit in my car
I smell a scentless apprentice
Eating beans from afar
An endless nameless heart shaped box
I eat lithium from the fox
Territorial pissings drain you away
Oh Kurt, I miss you each and every day
Milk it fast, and milk it slow
Oh Kurt, oh Kurt, where did you go?
Enough of this shit
I just wanna say
I love you Kurt
'N I wish ya' didn't go away!!!

By Boo and Hoo