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Tribute 23

Emptiness inside of me filling me up of nothingness making me wanna die 
ugliness is breaking my beautiful insides ripping me so soft it doesn't hurt 
like the first time  will i have u up in flames will i make u grow around me 
to make u wrap me up ripping like a paper its been ripping all this time 
waiting to brake its way into the pain and into my mind oh i feel I've entered 
what i did not want to become there is no hidden door left for me to give up 
nothing its turning me back in to my arms everything its waving all my good- 
byes nothing can help me for i never gave them my hand i just let them fall 
let them all die inside what will become of me i have no control over this i 
feel so dead that it hurts to live this life especially mine that its fucked 
up in everyway and all the time 

for u Kurt you'll live forever