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Tribute 22


he was great
he was the best
and when he was
things were cool
but now he's gone
and it just seems wrong

he's gone to heaven
at only twenty-seven
and everything's changed
since we've lost a legend
everything's changed since
we've lost the man
music's changed since
we've lost the band

times have changed
because now he's gone
and now it just
seems so wrong

that now he's in heaven
he was only twenty-seven
but he was a legend
from 1967 
till 1994

but he'll always be
forever to me

but it seems to me
that definately 
his death was in vain
the death of the legendary
kurt cobain

his death seemed wrong
but he left us his songs
now that he's gone
it all seems wrong

just a musician
i don't think
he'll always be
much more to me
forever to me

not in vain
the life of the legendary