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Tribute 21

   Kurt Donald Cobain?

way up north to the west 
lies a small town called aberdeen
mostly deserted
`cept the loggers and their wives
a star was born
a star was tortured 
a star was destroyed

Kurt Donald Cobain,
Where should I place the blame?
where did it all start to go wrong?
was it the lump of coal for crhistmas?
was it when mommy and daddy split apart?
was it when daddy smashed your guitar?
or was it when mommy threw you out on the street?

The town was known for domestic violence
they have stoners and jocks just like any town
but they had misfits too
one misfit got away
he bacame the star
he changed it all

Kurt Donald Cobain,
didn't you enjoy the fame?
what did you hate the most?
was it when your words became meaningless to some?
was it when they all became your friend?
was it when you put the needle in your vein?
or was it when they said you had no shame?

Kurt Donald Cobain,
Why did you go away?
What made you want to leave us all alone?
was it the way courtney loved you?
was it the way frances needed you?
was it the way your fans adored you?
or was it the way you had it all?

Kurt Donald Cobain,
What else can I say?

-Jessica Patton