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Tribute 20

on february 20th 1967
one of the bad angels was sent down from heaven 
the name kurt donald became his at birth
no one ever realized how much his life would be worth

when kurt was seven his parents got in a fight 
they devorced and out went a light 
the first time he was known as a poet 
was when on his bedroom wall he wrote
"I hate mom I hate dad 
dad hates mom, mom hates dad
It simply makes you want to be so sad"

just another baaand in seatle 
but would this band win the battle
Neveermind sold over 1 million copies
but kurt still thought that they were sloppy

4 more records and all were good 
friends and family tried to do what they could 
but kurt hated life it just got in the way 
and that is why he is not with us today

on April the 5th he took his own life 
he left his child and left his wife
his last words written before he ended the pain
were Peace, Love, and Empathy Kurt Cobain

by Eric Greiner

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