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Tribute 14

	HURT-our weakened hearts

You left a hole in me
-now i am hollow
You put a light in me
-now i'm in dark
You were my everything-
You are my god.
I believe you
only you
I believe you
only you
-But you are gone
Now i'm just hurt...
Why did it have to be you?
Why did you have to go.
Either way you saved yourself
Out of this prison where everyone lies.
When will you save me?
I'll save myself...
You are gone-
and a piece of me
You've enriched my life in everyway
February 20th-on that very day
You mean so much I'm left just to wait
April 5th-the day i hate
Everyday i see you
Everyday i hear you
Everyday i love you
Everyday- i miss you.

~Kurt D. Cobain forever in our hearts~
	Written by: one of the many hurtened hearts you've left behind...K.M.S