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Tribute 11

he is fallen in the black only to be saved by music..expression
he screamed out all of anger he screamed out all of our feelings..
but now he is fallen back into the blackness forever............
 never to show  the world our feelings again ...he never wanted this
path but we should thank god for him everyday that he did .life chose
the fucked path for him as it has for many of us ..............
so all in all even though he cut hisself off from the world forever
he was still trying to speak to us....about his troubles..wich is the
same troubles we had......never forget the voice that screamed help....
which is the same thing we do everyday when nobody hears us 
i know this sounds like i am trying to portraiy him as a voice for a
generation.. he wasnt he was a voice for himself....which was the same
stuff we were just going through.